Saturday, October 3, 2009

Beginning with Soups

This has been one crazy week. Everything is all out of sorts and I need, need, need to get back on track. My month of positivity fell way far by the wayside. Today I'm picking myself up, dusting off and getting back on track. Let's start with school...

Production. I finally made it through the whole production session. Our little restaurant (can we call it that?) was serving a Japanese/Thai buffet for lunch and dinner productions. I worked with the Cook 1 on the lunch service. She was such a sweetheart! Easy to work with, kind, and patient. It was great. Then I cut my finger (looks like a really bloody paper cut) and flipped out. Cussing, crying, and basically a temper-tantrum. I'm in my 30s for pete's sake! But other stress in my life got to me and I fell apart. I sequestered myself in the ladies until I could regain my composure. (I was so embarrassed.) Then the door opened and it was the 2nd year student I was working with. She was concerned that I was upset because of something she did wrong. I couldn't believe it! How sweet is that? I explained that I cut myself and the previous time I was scheduled in Production I burned myself and was frustrated. She felt better that it wasn't her and told me to take a minute to calm down and come back to the kitchen. So once I got myself sorted out, I went back in the kitchen. (Although, I was mentally making plans to go to registrar immediately after and withdraw from school)

Friday morning I grudgingly got up and got ready for school. I decided to give it another day. My lab partner was scheduled to be Chatty Cathy. I had sympathy from many of my other fellow students. This guy is so annoying, blah blah blah... all the time! He knows everything about everything! Even worse, the boy didn't show up for Demo (I thought if you didn't go to demo, you didn't get credit for lab, but he's an ass kisser, so who knows) and he didn't have his recipe sheets prepared. He spent the first 15 minutes explaining to me why he wasn't prepared. I DON'T CARE!!! I took over and delegated the tasks we had been assigned. I gave him my sheet for the shrimp bisque (the item I dreaded making) and sent him off to work on it. I juggled making the Roasted Corn Chowder and the Vichyssoise. I also pouted. I'm already frustrated and angry about how I'm doing in school and I get him for my partner. UGH!!! He kept coming back to me with questions, what about this, and what about that. I don't know, read the recipe! Finally he comes over with a little dish for me to taste. I HATE shrimp bisque. Even when I ate meat, I hated shrimp bisque. I took a little taste (it's my grade too). Damn it if he didn't do a great job. Totally burned me up! Yes, the mean part of me wanted him to fail. It's a terrible truth, but I work hard, do my homework, show up to classes (even when I want to quit) and he strolls in and knocks it out of the park. GRRR. My potatoes and leeks were finished cooking so I set him off to finish making the Vichyssoise. Then could I finally finish my corn chowder; it was slow to thicken and didn't look like everyone else's chowder, but I rocked it! It was awesome. I have plans to make a vegan version this weekend for VeganMoFo 3. The one I made yesterday was far from vegan (bacon, butter, chicken stock, milk, heavy cream). Tasting it to get the seasonings right, made my belly hurt.

The Vichyssoise? Bland, boring and gross. The instructors said that it was good, but needed more salt. Everything seems to always need more salt. This will be truly easy to veganize, but I'm not in a hurry for cold soup now that fall is here.

Later I'll get caught up on VeganMoFo entries.

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